By: Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD

February 01, 2019

I was thrilled to be in San Francisco last week to present our new research on millennials and science to the National Academy of Sciences’ LabX team, then facilitate a strategy workshop about programming and experience design. In addition to the LabX staff from DC, the room was full of members of the LabX advisory board, all of them renowned researchers in their respective scientific fields and all deeply committed to advancing public engagement around the world.

My colleague Peter Linett and I shared some highlights from the national survey findings, focusing on our new index of “science affinity.” We then led a series of full-group and breakout exercises to help the LabX team identify its target audiences within the broad millennial age cohort and develop a range of programming possibilities to help those audiences use science to make decisions in their everyday lives and communities. The analytical and creative energy in the room was wonderful, and the day-long session flew by.

Many thanks to Geoff Hunt, who directs LabX, and Jane Lubchenco, a marine ecologist who chairs the advisory board. We have so enjoyed working with both of them and the whole the LabX staff.

If you’d like a copy of the research report when it’s available, or if you have questions about our work with science engagement organizations, please send me a note.

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