What if there were a team of social researchers—people with serious chops, from disciplines like anthropology, psychology, and public policy—who also understood the arts, museums, science engagement, and the rest of the cultural sector? What if they were passionate about helping that sector not just succeed, but change?

That’s us.

At Slover Linett, we’re all about using the tools of research, evaluation, community dialogue, and experience design to help cultural organizations become more inclusive, innovative, and relevant. For more than twenty years, we’ve been learning how to meld empirical rigor with generative techniques that tap the imagination of the community. How to cross-pollinate ideas from symphonies to science centers, podcasts to parks. How to help cultural leaders take a fresh look at the experiences they offer, the communities they serve, and the power of culture to spark personal and social change.

Applying rigorous methodological tools to immediate and urgent questions that cultural leaders are grappling with—that’s what I love about my work at Slover Linett. Coming from an academic background, it’s great to be able to inform and shape real-world actions.”

Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD

Vice President & Co-Director of Research, Slover Linett

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Thank you to Sarah & Miranda of the @NightMinistry for a great lunch & learn last week! Check out the work they do to assist those who struggle with #homelessness in Chicago & how you can support their mission: https://t.co/sOu1hEgIIj

“It’s never art for art’s sake," it's for activism, community, #resilience: @YoYo_Ma @HarvardHBS last week. Great to hear him & @nyphil praise our friend @guptaviolin & @Street_Symphony for their deeply human use of #classicalmusic in #LA. #socialchange

Yo-Yo Ma Pairs Music and Social Justice in Harvard Business School Panel

World-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma ’76 and President of the New York Philharmonic Deborah Borda discussed strategies for broadening public access to ...


"But what about the grandparents?" @michell86113013 muses about the potential for cultural orgs to deepen social & event engagement with this cohort: https://t.co/Ec0qxX4UJW #audienceresearch #culture #babyboomers

Researcher, Madeline Smith recently enjoyed the @SimmonsLaurie "Big Camera/Little Camera" exhibit at @mcachicago, noting its exploration of gender roles, #feminism, & the post-war documentation of women. Have you visited yet? https://t.co/xRX61OzJai

One of the perks of working @SloverLinett is having meetings with our partners @NatureMuseum in their #butterflyhaven exhibition. Grateful for our ongoing #developmentalevaluation collaboration.

Look out, Boston, @NAEA is in town! Thanks to all who attended @tanyatreptow & Anne Manning's session on the work being done at the @nelson_atkins to better serve current & potential visitors. #audienceresearch #ArtsEd https://t.co/YW5J1hiUYY

A glimpse of #classicalmusic's ambivalent moment: revolution or ritual? @esapekkasalonen (rightly!) questions the "climb up to make yourself worthy" at the "shrine," but also rhapsodizes the "power of the ritual" in the hall. #arts @sandow @OrchLeague

Esa-Pekka Salonen will become music director of the San Francisco Symphony in 2020.

Esa-Pekka Salonen Says Tweak the Orchestra, Don‘t Blow it Up

The incoming music director of the San Francisco Symphony is an innovator but also, in the best sense, a traditionalist.


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