We call it all “culture.” It’s the stuff we humans do to play, learn, feel, connect, create, celebrate, question, challenge, and change. So for us, engagement is one big, evolving picture, and we love drawing links across domains—and from outside the nonprofit cultural sector altogether. Ballet’s audience innovations can help botanical gardens. Science festivals offer insights for symphonies. Hamilton holds lessons for history museums. 

Are you in the picture somewhere?

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We’re experts in cultural engagement…

There’s no such thing as “the” cultural consumer. But we’ve been studying how and why people connect with museums of all kinds, the performing arts, and other cultural experiences for more than twenty years. We’ve learned what the right questions are… and the best ways of answering them.

…but we’re impatient with the status quo…

Every field has its own “bubble” of assumptions. From the inside they’re hard to even see, much less challenge and change. Which is where audience and community research comes in: It helps you see yourself through others’ eyes, so you can question, rethink, and grow.

…and committed to collaborative discovery.

We build trusting, lasting thought-partnerships with our clients. There’s nothing we love more than learning together about how to make cultural engagement more inclusive, innovative, relevant, and successful.

Coming from the performing arts, I’m passionate about connecting my work to social advocacy, using art to open doors for more people. I love the fusion Slover Linett brings to our work, finding the connections across communities and organizations…”

Ashley Ann Wolfe

Senior Communications & Operations Manager, Slover Linett

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