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The research has the capacity to be transformational for the O’Keeffe Museum. Slover Linett took the time to listen, understand our needs, and integrate their work with another consultant team… As a result, the staff is eager to develop and implement experimental programs to attract and retain new audiences. Peter and his team are not only experts in audience research; they are experienced, thoughtful, and sophisticated partners who are willing to think with my team.”

Robert A. Kret

Former Director, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

News & Notes

One Kind of Arts Participation We Don’t Get to Study (But Would Love To)
Nancy Plaskett
April 17, 2019

I have been an avid reader my entire life. I continue to be a proud member of two book clubs, where I am challenged by my fellow readers to open my mind, learn about cultures (even the ugly aspects), and evolve my thinking about what is fair...

Restoration & Inspiration: Cultural Institutions as an Oasis
Michelle Ernst, PhD
April 11, 2019

This summer, Cory Garfin and I had the pleasure of conducting qualitative work at a NYC museum. We observed and interviewed its visitors and found that many of the people we met were either professional artists or were connected to art as an...

What I’ve Been Teaching (Preaching?) To the Next Generation of Museum and Arts Leaders
Peter Linett
April 03, 2019

Last week I taught a half-day session on audience engagement at the Getty Leadership Institute’s NextGen program, a weeklong residency for mid-career museum professionals. I tried to call their attention to the default ideas and traditional priorities that still underlie much museum practice—and also, by contrast, to the emerging ideas and progressive priorities that have begun to reshape the field.

An outsider museum confronts us with “post-natural history”
Cory Garfin
March 29, 2019

This past weekend, while visiting friends in Pittsburgh, I went to a small, storefront museum called the Center for PostNatural History. We were met by the museum’s founder and Curator of PostNatural Organisms, Richard Pell, as well as a taxidermied goat....

Welcome to our new Research Coordinator, Matthew Jenetopulos!
Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD
March 21, 2019

I’m delighted to share that we’ve welcomed Matthew Jenetopulos as Slover Linett’s new Research Coordinator. As a Research Coordinator, Matt will provide crucial support to project teams across the full range of the firm’s research and strategy...

The grandparent generation wants to have fun too (and they have time!)
Michelle Ernst, PhD
March 15, 2019

Cultural organizations oriented toward children, like zoos, science centers, and natural history museums, often seek to deepen engagement with families by offering adult social activities, often on weekend evenings. These activities frequently...


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"What makes a #cultural institution particularly likely to serve as a source of inspiration?" @michell86113013 reflects on recent research with a #museum that is seemingly serving as an oasis to both #artists & patrons alike: https://t.co/Z1LJGtodd6

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