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The research has the capacity to be transformational for the O’Keeffe Museum. Slover Linett took the time to listen, understand our needs, and integrate their work with another consultant team… As a result, the staff is eager to develop and implement experimental programs to attract and retain new audiences. Peter and his team are not only experts in audience research; they are experienced, thoughtful, and sophisticated partners who are willing to think with my team.”

Robert A. Kret

Former Director, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

News & Notes

Getting the word out: Brand ambassadors to amplify word-of-mouth
Meredith Wong
August 12, 2019

 When I’m not taking impromptu camping trips, I turn to my close friends, family, and sometimes colleagues for their two cents on what to do with my time. Connecting with my network recently paid-off: I had the opportunity to see SIX, a terrific musical about the six...

“Ways of Knowing”: Reflections from the Visitor Studies Association conference
Cory Garfin
August 05, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of joining fellow researchers and evaluators at the annual Visitor Studies Association (VSA) conference in Detroit. The theme of this year’s convening was “Ways of Knowing,” and it really felt like the underlying purpose of much of the...

Culture is ours to define (so let’s go broad)
Nancy Plaskett
July 18, 2019

Culture belongs to ALL people. Cultural “non-participators” really don’t exist. Arts and culture are built into our humanity. But, I worry that the narrow definition of culture as has traditionally evolved (eg. formal, institutional opportunities) still...

Programming = “content” + “form” (guess which is more important)
Peter Linett
July 01, 2019

It shouldn’t still surprise me, but it does. How can the NY Times preview of the Poster Museum in NYC ignore almost every aspect of that new cultural experience except the “what” — the objects that are displayed? Then again, judging from the photos that accompany the article, the museum’s founding curators may share the writer’s assumption…

Theater faces forward
Ashley Ann Wolfe
June 20, 2019

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Miami with many of the country’s top theater-makers at the 2019 Theatre Communications Group annual conference. I never cease to be amazed by the work ethic, creativity, and forward-thinking...

Slate’s “Working” Podcast: Behind the scenes at MoMA with the people who do the work
Madeline Smith
June 10, 2019

I am a member of the National Emerging Museum Professionals Group on Facebook, which keeps me connected to a network of people working throughout the field. A couple of months ago I read a post asking for podcast recommendations and “Working” caught my interest since...


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#tbt to a beautiful July night under the whale at @amnh, catching a glimpse of @dave_malloy & @rachelchavkin's #MobyDickMusical.
It's always a treat to witness the development of new work, & was particularly cool to see Dave perform.
I still have that encore stuck in my head...

"Research across the #cultural sector shows that infrequent attenders depend even more than others on recommendations from those who are closest to them...what if there was a way to help get the word out to more people, especially to newer #audiences?"

Getting the word out: brand ambassadors to amplify word-of-mouth | Slover Linett


Chicago is known for its summer street #festivals, but did you know we have a classical music street fest?

It's based in our very own Ravenswood neighborhood - who wants to jam this weekend?! #ClassicalMusic

cc: @vvp317


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