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The research has the capacity to be transformational for the O’Keeffe Museum. Slover Linett took the time to listen, understand our needs, and integrate their work with another consultant team… As a result, the staff is eager to develop and implement experimental programs to attract and retain new audiences. Peter and his team are not only experts in audience research; they are experienced, thoughtful, and sophisticated partners who are willing to think with my team.”

Robert A. Kret

Former Director, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

News & Notes

My new leadership role—Challenges, hopes and gratitude
Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD
April 05, 2022

I’m honored to be promoted to the role of President at Slover Linett, a company where I’ve had the valuable opportunity to grow through almost every role on the team during my eight years here. Looking back at the last few years, I’ve been particularly challenged by leading the national Culture + Community research initiative…

Big news around here: Jen Benoit-Bryan is our new president
Peter Linett
April 05, 2022

I’m so happy to announce a few important changes, starting with the promotion of Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD, to president of the firm. As many of you know, Jen has been vice president and co-director of research here, and over the last two years she has been the overall leader of our national, equity-focused research collaboration with LaPlaca Cohen and Yancey Consulting, Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation: A Special Edition of Culture Track. That word “transformation” has applied to Jen, as well…

The world is crap. What we need is more Pooh.
Ashley Ann Wolfe
March 23, 2022

I caught wind of a new musical bringing cheer to Theatre Row, and that’s how, on a blustery Saturday morning in November, I found myself, a solo adult woman, rushing to make a 10:00am curtain of Winnie the Pooh…

Americans want arts & culture organizations to address social issues
Madeline Smith
March 21, 2022

Our Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation national survey found that more than three-quarters (76%) of Americans believe that arts and culture organizations should be addressing at least one of the social issues we asked about in our survey—which, honestly, surprised me…

Am I an artist?
Camila Guerrero
March 14, 2022

In a society where identity plays a large role in how we connect to ourselves and how we are perceived by others, we are careful about our labels. A common pause that people took in the interviews for the Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation study was right before calling themselves an “artist.” It’s a label I have also struggled…

Changing the Traditions at the Yale Peabody Museum
Matthew Jenetopulos
February 24, 2022

One year, as a freshman in high school, a new tradition started when a friend called my house on Thanksgiving day and asked if I wanted to go with him to the Peabody Museum of Natural History the next day. It was a curious request at the time…


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