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The research has the capacity to be transformational for the O’Keeffe Museum. Slover Linett took the time to listen, understand our needs, and integrate their work with another consultant team… As a result, the staff is eager to develop and implement experimental programs to attract and retain new audiences. Peter and his team are not only experts in audience research; they are experienced, thoughtful, and sophisticated partners who are willing to think with my team.”

Robert A. Kret

Former Director, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

News & Notes

Ten things I’m grateful for and hopeful about
Peter Linett
December 30, 2020

As we put a raw, revealing year behind us, I’m thinking about all the things I’ve been grateful for during the pandemic and what I’m hopeful about for 2021. Deep breath through the mask, here we go…

New report amplifying the voices of BIPOC Americans in arts and culture
Ashley Ann Wolfe
December 16, 2020

We’re thrilled to share a new report that we’ve been working on for several months: “Centering the Picture: The Role of Race & Ethnicity in Cultural Engagement in the U.S.” It’s a major analysis of national survey data from the first wave of Culture + Community in a Time of Crisis: A Special Edition of Culture Track.

Scaling up: Behind the scenes of CCTC
Matthew Jenetopulos
November 18, 2020

Most of what we’ve shared about the national study that we’re co-leading with our colleagues at LaPlaca Cohen, Culture and Community in a Time of Crisis, has been focused on research findings; in this post we’d like to provide a different perspective on the work—a behind-the-scenes view of the research process itself.

Capturing every signal: Why polls matter
Michelle Ernst, PhD
November 02, 2020

Like many people across the country I am finding myself refreshing the FiveThirtyEight website multiple times a day and squinting to extract as much meaning from the numbers as I can. I love the simple probabilistic topline—Biden wins the election in x out of every 100 scenarios—but I am even more intrigued by the snake chart with every state ordered by probability and a clearly demarcated tipping point…

Botanical Gardens in a time of crisis: Highlights from our recent webinar
Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD
October 05, 2020

Last week we co-hosted a webinar with the Morton Arboretum that focused on the unique thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and needs of botanical garden attenders compared to the nationally representative sample of respondents to the Culture and Community in a Time of Crisis survey research…

What the arts can learn from social work: Part 3 of a conversation with Tom O’Connor
Cory Garfin
September 01, 2020

This is the third and final installment of my conversation with Tom O’Connor.” In the previous excerpt, we left off talking about the benefits of having systems-thinking leadership during times of change and, as Tom put it, potential redemption for a field that is coming to terms with its own complicity in longstanding systemic inequities…


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