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The research has the capacity to be transformational for the O’Keeffe Museum. Slover Linett took the time to listen, understand our needs, and integrate their work with another consultant team… As a result, the staff is eager to develop and implement experimental programs to attract and retain new audiences. Peter and his team are not only experts in audience research; they are experienced, thoughtful, and sophisticated partners who are willing to think with my team.”

Robert A. Kret

Former Director, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

News & Notes

A New Year’s toast (our 2022 holiday card)
Research Team @ Slover Linett
December 28, 2022

What new song will you sing in 2023? Wishing you (and ourselves!) the courage to keep learning new tunes and belt it from the heart in the new year…

Warmly welcoming Eddie Chong to the team
Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD
December 22, 2022

As many of you know, we’ve been expanding our team of researchers at Slover Linett, and I’m delighted to report that we’ve found a truly exceptional new colleague — Eddie Chong. Eddie has deep experience in research and data visualization, roots in the museum world, and experience doing community-embedded work…

Seven things I’m grateful about as another weird year winds down
Peter Linett
November 28, 2022

Inspired by some heartfelt personal reflections my friends and partner shared around our Thanksgiving table a few days ago, here are some things that have made me grateful in my professional life during 2022. And not just things, of course: people, including a few I’ve “met” only through their words…

The art of the game
Cory Garfin
October 13, 2022

Do sports count as culture? Sure, there’s a culture of sports, but can we consider watching a game a cultural activity? What about playing a game? These are questions my colleagues and I seem to often come back to when designing research to understand cultural “attenders” and “non-attenders”…

Why Might Bilingual Spanish Speakers Choose to Speak in English?
Camila Guerrero
July 13, 2022

I noticed a slightly perplexing pattern recently when conducting interviews with bilingual Spanish/English speakers: when offered their choice of languages, the interviewees consistently selected English. I did not ask interviewees why they made their choice, but after spending some time reflecting on various elements of the interviews, I have developed some potential reasons…

Celebrating three new promotions across the firm
Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD
June 30, 2022

One of the qualities I most appreciate about the culture at Slover Linett is our growth mindset; the team actively supports each other in taking on challenges that stretch and grow our skills. I’m delighted to share three promotions today that reflect the learning and growth happening at every level of Slover Linett…


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