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Slover Linett Audience Research Inc.
4147 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite 302
Chicago, IL 60613

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Slover Linett Audience Research Inc.

4147 N. Ravenswood Ave., Suite 302

Chicago, IL 60613

Our office is on Chicago’s north side, in the Ravenswood corridor. We’re on the southeast corner of Ravenswood and Berteau, a brick building with an adjacent parking lot. (Unfortunately, that lot isn’t available to visitors; street parking is your best bet.) Buzz us from the front door, then take the stairs to the third floor and walk all the way to the back of the building.* Come right in – the office dogs are as friendly as we are.

* Note: There is an elevator but it’s ancient and difficult to operate. We would be happy to assist you with it when you arrive. Or let us know if you’d prefer to meet elsewhere; we don’t want our old building to be a barrier.

Latest Tweets

“We’re at a time where we need #hope & incredible #artistry used as evidence that our differences are our strengths.” Couldn't agree more with @MickeyIsaacRowe of @NatDisThtr; what an exciting partnership with our friends @GoodmanTheatre & @ljplayhouse!

National Disability Theatre Launches Commissioning Partnership

The organization will partner with La Jolla Playhouse and Goodman Theatre to develop and produce two new plays by Gregg Mozgala and Christopher Shinn.


Are the processes to creating #art or investigating # really so different?
"The greatest creative acts come from opposing forces of expansive imagination within the tight constraint of form--that is as true for art as it is of science. @SloverLinett

Rethinking stereotypes about science and the arts

Unthinkable: Prof Tom McLeish identifies eight stages of creation common to disciplines as diverse as painting and biology


"What does reading widely & wildly do to build #empathy & perhaps encourage individuals or groups into civic action & #service?"@n_plaskett ponders the potential opportunities for researching the impact of book clubs & #literature. #culturalresearch

I must visit! “It has been our experience that if empathy and dignity were at the core of our approach to addressing homelessness then we might think and dream of better solutions to address this global problem.” @SloverLinett

Alliance of Museums on Twitter

“"Our #museum has been called many things, but the one thing that I like to hear most is 'a walk in the shoes of someone experiencing homelessne...


"University & college #museums run the gamut from those featuring contemporary #art & ancient relics used as teaching tools to world-class collections tackling groundbreaking projects." Congrats to our friends @ColbyMuseum on this mention in @nytimes: https://t.co/IvRI6KjbAf

"What makes a #cultural institution particularly likely to serve as a source of inspiration?" @michell86113013 reflects on recent research with a #museum that is seemingly serving as an oasis to both #artists & patrons alike: https://t.co/Z1LJGtodd6

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