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Healing through creativity Aparna Hariprasad
September 05, 2019

In my time living in Seattle, I stumbled into the world of arts for social change: I started working with Path with Art, a local nonprofit which provides arts classes for adults who have experienced homelessness and other traumas. On a daily basis, I was able to see how transformational the ability to freely think, connect, and express can be.

Welcome to our newest Researcher, Emily Bray! Tanya Treptow, PhD
August 28, 2019

I’m excited to welcome Emily Bray as our newest collaborator and teammate at Slover Linett!  In her position as Researcher, Emily will play an important role in both implementing a wide variety of research approaches and creating meaning out of complex data.  As a trained community psychologist, Emily is well prepared for this work;

Purpose: The emerging question (6 Ps of Experience Design) Peter Linett
August 19, 2019

Not long ago, it wasn’t considered necessary to ask “why?” Museums, the arts, and other nonprofit cultural enterprises were an assumed good, self-evidently valuable and categorically worth participating in. Culture was an end in itself. Today, though…

The unifying sensibility: Personality (6 Ps of Experience Design) Peter Linett
August 16, 2019

Most museum and arts professionals think of personality as something that enlivens and humanizes an organization’s brand, a flavoring to be added to the message. Few treat it as a unifying principle of experience design. Yet this last P in our framework may be the most important…

Promises & positioning (6 Ps of Experience Design) Peter Linett
August 14, 2019

Is marketing part of the museum or arts experience? From the audience member’s point of view, yes. The promises your organization makes in its branding and communications — explicit and implicit — do more than get people in the door (or not)…

Policies for relevance (6 Ps of Experience Design) Peter Linett
August 13, 2019

What are the written and unwritten rules that shape cultural experiences? How can we use policies as a strategic instrument of experience design in cultural organizations, a tool to deepen engagement, diversify participation, and increase relevance?

What’s place got to do with it? (6 Ps of Experience Design) Peter Linett
August 12, 2019

Place is another big determinant of cultural experiences, and it has two obvious components: Geography (where in the community does the cultural experience take place? on whose turf?) and setting (what’s the envelope for the experience, and what kind of engagement does it encourage?)…

Curate the crowd, too (6 Ps of Experience Design) Peter Linett
August 09, 2019

Welcome to the second P, which is about the “who” of a cultural experience. There are two whos, actually (with apologies to Dr. Seuss): the people who attend the cultural experience, for whom it is designed and marketed, and the people who create and staff it…

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@CorinneRydman @AubreyBergauer @CAsymphony Great replies already, I would just add @guptaviolin's @Street_Symphony & their amazing collaborators; @nwsymphony, @eighthblackbird, @BlackViolin, @sethbou's Accessible Contemp. Music, @2CELLOS, @LoftOpera, @groupmuse (in some ways), & Laura Reynolds' projects @seattlesymphony.

I was thrilled to share our @SloverLinett research for @labxNAS on engaging millennials in science with the #ASTC2019 conference crowd today! We had a great session with @msichicago, @AMNH, @peoriaplayhouse, and @TheTechInteract.

"Contribute new theory, research, cases and best practices for #museum leaders" to a themed issue of @CuratorJournal on #leadership. Wearing my editorial board hat here, to help spread the word. Provocative, eclectic takes welcome. (scroll down a bit)

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Having the privilege of being a #research consultant @SloverLinett is never boring! Our last trip to @WrightTaliesin was great, even with the flat tire and 108 degrees, we just kept on trucking (and got the data).

“Museum leadership & staff have to develop their own cultural competence to be able to curate culturally competent exhibits.”

Important words from @maryfwinters in the latest issue of @AAMers mag. cc: @SloverLinett @TheWintersGroup

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