By: Nancy Plaskett

July 18, 2019

Culture belongs to ALL people. Cultural “non-participators” really don’t exist. Arts and culture are built into our humanity. But, I worry that the narrow definition of culture as has traditionally evolved (eg. formal, institutional opportunities) still feels exclusive and signals that in order to be “culturally sophisticated,” people sense that they have to have the means, some mysterious expertise, and a special invitation to feel that they are a part of the cultural fabric of our communities.

Plenty of us don’t participate in this way, but everyone lives their lives steeped in culture and creativity. We’re surrounded by art and design, absorbed by drama and storytelling (think Netflix, podcasts). We listen to music. We sometimes dance to it, and watch others dance. We decorate, modify, hack, post online, and otherwise express ourselves, individually and socially. So, whether we recognize our cultural contribution or not, it doesn’t make us less instrumental in shaping how we collectively experience and influence how culture presents itself in our world. We all have the power to demand cultural experiences that are meaningful to us. And that is a really great thing! Let’s embrace it.

How can you uniquely influence culture to make it more personal and relevant to you and your community? Let’s chat!


Photo credit: Ashley Ann Wolfe, June 2019: Residents of Little Havana, Miami gather daily in Domino Park to play games, share coffee, and discuss Cuban politics. 

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