By: Team Slover Linett

March 05, 2020

You probably think of us as arts & culture researchers, and you’re right. But science engagement is part of culture too, and there’s a lot that symphonies and sculpture gardens can learn from what’s going on at science festivals and nerdery venues like Caveat. We’re delighted to point you to the new interactive report website that our friends at the National Academy of Sciences have created to share findings from our recent study of millennials. As we gushed about in our newsletter a few months ago, this national survey looked at how younger American adults relate to science and science-adjacent domains like nature and technology, how they make decisions and enjoy themselves, and how science fits (or doesn’t fit) into it all. The research was commissioned by LabX, the National Academies’ emerging public engagement initiative, to help shape strategy and programming.



Which is why Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD recently flew to Seattle to join LabX director Geoff Hunt in presenting the findings at AAAS’s annual Communicating Science Seminar. The room was packed…and it turned out that a talented graphic artist named Alex Cagan was sitting in the back, capturing the conversation in this wonderful sketch:


(Even more fun: Alex’s “making of” video showing how he created the drawing.)
Plus, video is now online from the SciEngage webinar that Jen, Geoff, and Peter Linett led a few weeks ago about this research. Told you there was a lot to share! You can check out the webinar below, and please let us know what you think.

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