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We are excited to share that we are launching a new phase of the Culture + Community research in collaboration with LaPlaca Cohen and Yancey Consulting. The second wave of this national survey of audiences and communities will include an even broader frame for culture (from public libraries to parks to indie music venues) as well as deeper involvement with small, BIPOC-serving organizations.

Culture + Community is a national research initiative meant to keep the cultural sector in dialogue with the experiences and needs of its communities, audiences, and participants during the pandemic and beyond. The findings coming out of the survey also aim to provide the field with actionable insights toward becomming more equitable spaces and active participants within their own communities’ respective movements for social and racial justice. In April and May, 2020, we conducted the first wave of research with a large-scale online survey that asked about the experiences, needs, and behaviors of a representative sample of the U.S. population plus a large sample of people on the contact-lists of more than 650 cultural orgs around the country.

In the upcoming second wave of research, we are broadening the kinds of organizations in the sample by actively inviting up to 300 new organizations from categories of institutions who were underrepresented in our Wave 1 work: BIPOC-led and BIPOC-serving organizations, cultural organizations located in rural parts of the country, festivals (film, food, crafts, music), libraries, for-profit arts, and national and city parks. We’re also re-inviting all 653 organizations from the first wave of the study to participate again in this second wave of research. We aspire to reach a large, diverse cross-section of adult cultural participants from around the country, from arts attenders to people who engage more holistically in creativity and culture.

  • For those who didn’t participate in wave one, if your organization fits into any of the categories underlined above, we’d like to invite you to consider participating in this research in 2021 by filling out this online form.
  • For those who participated in wave 1, your slot in the research is guaranteed, and we ask that you fill out the online form to sign up to participate in wave 2.

As with the first wave, there is no cost to organizations to be a part of the research. Organizations that invite their constituents into the survey will not only be contributing to the overall national picture of cultural consumer wants, needs, attitudes, hopes, and behaviors they’ll also be getting detailed, humanistic data about their own audiences– including an online tool for comparison to the national averages across various dimensions.

If you have any questions about participation in this research, please begin by checking out our FAQ page by clicking here. To be kept in the loop with Culture + Community project updates, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our contact page by clicking here.

Funding for Culture + Community: A National Research & Strategy Collaboration is generously provided by the Wallace Foundation, Barr Foundation, Terra Foundation, William Penn Foundation, Art Bridges Foundation, Knight Foundation, with support from FocusVision and Microsoft.

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