The education team at a major natural history museum wanted to build a new space where visitors could experience science in a more personal way. They asked Slover Linett to develop a front-end evaluation study that would examine how hands-on interactions with collections objects and direct connections with scientists could be activated toward that end—and to shed light on what else could make science more relevant to visitors. We conducted dozens of interviews with visitors (and some non-visitors), using a fun, image-based activity to get them talking about their science engagement ideals and how traditional museum practice can sometimes get in the way. We also looked at a handful of sites and spaces using creative engagement techniques, some in the museum field and some far beyond it. The findings illuminated just how important qualities like immersiveness, customization, and dynamism are in fostering relevance, as well the value that visitors place on charisma and story-telling skills in the scientists, or science experts, they connect with. And the design and operation of the space—now open—has taken those values to heart.

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"It’s not hard to observe an increasingly toxic divide between theatre artists & critics; can a new publication called @3viewstheater change all that?" @RobKendt chats w/ Sarah Ruhl & Julia Jordan about their journal aimed at diversifying theatre criticism:

Can 3Views Change Theatre Criticism?

Coming this fall: a new artist-driven online journal from the Lillys that aims to widen and diversify the discourse.

Love what our friends at are doing w @RISDMuseum: install a browser add-in and you can see how their invited, outsider "critics" have layered their perspectives onto the conventions & assumptions of the #museum website @OFBYFOR_ALL

"SISTRRRRS?" Regarding identity & labeling, we can all stand to learn from what @quiarahudes & Gabriela Sanchez have to say about society's "insatiable need for cultural clarity". "We're sisters. Period." #TCG19 cc: @PowerStreet12 @SloverLinett @AmericanTheatre

"What if their #creativity, sense of mission, & understanding of #art were part of the conversation? Wouldn’t they make visitors’ experiences more meaningful & relevant?" Madeline Smith shares her take on @Slate's "Working" podcast with @MuseumModernArt:

Slate’s “Working” Podcast: Behind the scenes at MoMA with the people who do the work | Slover Linett

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