By: Madeline Smith

May 07, 2021

Slover Linett is excited to announce that we are looking for a new team member to join our firm! We are hiring another Research Coordinator to support our team of social researchers in both administrative and operational ways. The role of Research Coordinator is a really special one because it’s a role that touches all parts of our firm. While our researchers and project directors have a fixed set of clients they work with, the Research Coordinator works across projects in intentional and strategic ways to help move our projects forward.

It’s a great role for someone looking to learn more about research in the arts and culture sector and may be suited for people with a wide variety of backgrounds. Have a background in research and social science? Great! Have experience working in the arts or other non-profits? Awesome! Have you worked with BIPOC-communities, small or BIPOC-centered organizations, or worked more generally in social services? This also might be a great fit for you! We are looking for someone who is detail-oriented, can multi-task, and thrives in a fast-pace and flexible environment.

As the job descriptions shares, we are looking for someone who has experience with quantitative data, a demonstrated ability to communicate richly, and able to prioritize across a range of different tasks. But we also hope candidates will share with us who they are, what they are interested in, what they are passionate about, and what gives them fulfillment so we can embrace what other lived experiences they can bring to our firm outside of/in addition to any academic qualifications or past work experience they might have.

Please visit our careers page or download the job description here for more information, including qualifications, responsibilities, compensation, and benefits. And please share widely; new voices and fresh perspectives are vital to the success, relevance, and value of the arts & culture field.

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