By: Jen Benoit-Bryan, PhD

April 05, 2022

I’m honored to be promoted to the role of President at Slover Linett, a company where I’ve had the valuable opportunity to grow through almost every role on the team during my eight years here. Looking back at the last few years, I’ve been particularly challenged by leading the national Culture + Community research initiative, which has included deep and lasting collaborations, many community advisors, and the privilege of helping shape the questions we asked of more than 200,000 people across the country — not to mention the responsibility of reflecting on what their answers mean for the future of the field. In the years ahead I’d like my leadership to tilt toward this kind of work: research that helps us think bigger, that’s collaborative, that co-creates with communities, and that sparks and supports lasting change. I’ve learned how meaningful that work can be for myself, my colleagues, our clients, and the field, so I’m eager for more challenges in that direction.

I’d like to thank the many allies, mentors, and colleagues who have encouraged, supported, and contributed to my growth here. I’ve benefited immensely from the examples, insights, and brilliance of my colleagues — past and present — and the trust they’ve shown in making space for my growth.

It’s a moment of taking stock, and I’m moved by the many people across the field, women in particular, who have generously offered time, advice, and their own examples of leadership. Among the many women outside of Slover Linett who have helped reshape my thinking, I’ll highlight Zahava Doering, Diane Jean-Mary, San San Wong, Lisa Yancey, Caroline Goeser, Katrina Bledsoe, Zannie Voss, and Amy Gedal Douglass. You’re all amazing, and I thank you.

If you have thoughts, advice or questions for me as my new role begins, please reach out — I’d love to hear your take on what’s needed next.

Photo: Jen Benoit-Bryan in Central Park

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