Aparna Hariprasad

Research Coordinator

Aparna Hariprasad provides direct support to the Slover Linett project teams for both qualitative and quantitative engagements, assisting with clients such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and SFMOMA.

Coming from a background in psychology and nonprofit arts administration, Aparna believes in the power of arts and culture creating community and promoting well-being. Before joining Slover Linett, Aparna worked in the nonprofit sector, programming arts engagement for adults working through homelessness, mental health complications, and other trauma at Path with Art in the Seattle area. She also conducted research with the University of Washington on tracking voice biomarkers focused on a range of neuro-psychiatric conditions in the hopes of earlier and more streamlined diagnoses. As a participant in the Experience of Incarceration book club, Aparna engaged in monthly discussions with inmates at the Monroe Correctional Complex, celebrating and connecting over literature.

Aparna is passionate about creating equitable and accessible spaces for all to partake in and explore art and culture for themselves. She holds a BA in Psychology and Law, Societies & Justice with a minor in Art History from the University of Washington. In her free time, Aparna loves to cook, travel, spend time outdoors, and flex her creative muscles in whatever her latest artistic venture may be.